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PC Tools was a collection of software utilities for DOS developed by Central Point Software.

A frustrated customer shares his experience on "complaintsboard.com, "For the third year in a row PC Tools have taken 39.95 from my credit card - I cannot contact them as unless you have an identification number you cannot access customer support and as I did not buy anything from them I dont have one - MBNA said they cant do anything so I cannot cancel this subscription this is a can anyone do anything about this company I did find a number for the Shannon office its [protected] (Irish number) but no one answers this is a scam and it has to be stopped dont give them your details as you will not bee able to cancel also the email address on the company files is [protected]@pctools.com came back undelivered."


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Sales says

"I worked at PC Tools Cons: Horribly incompetent management. Expectations were never set properly. Incompetent 'technical support' person who has delusions of his role, and is super prickley. Random firings. Senior management in Australia is out of touch with the US market and how to approach doing business."

Customer Service Consultant says

"I have been working at PC Tools Cons: There is a serious lack of communication between departments as well as from senior management. There is what we call the mushroom effect, where one is kept in the dark and fed crap."


"I worked at PC Tools Cons: Middle management have no idea how to manage/motivate or keep staff. Petty office politics play a part. Lots of closed door discussions. Middle management tend to try and assert their authority. Middle management get little support for innovation and initiatives from Senior Management. Management are quick to blame but do not praise. No training offered. Sales people (and innovators) do not get appropriate reward or recognition."


"I always used PCtools Firewall Plus, now they offered PCT Firewall 7 for free, so I downloaded it and ran setup. The program told me to uninstall ad-aware from LAVASOFT. I did everything to remove all traces of ad-aware from my computer. 1) I uninstalled the program 2) I removed it from start up with MSCONFIG.exe 3)I removed it partly from services and disabled what could not be removed 4)I removed every file, directory, link, icon and all files containing the words lavasoft and ad ware. 5) Removed all control sets containing those names, and every mention of the program in REGISTRY with REGEDIT. THE PROGRAM KEPT "SEEING" lAVASOFT. I ASKED PCTOOLS TO HELP ME INSTALL THE PROGRAM TO TEST IT BEFORE BUYING IT !!!!!!!! THEIR ANSWER: AS YOU ARE NOT REGISTERED AS BUYER IN OUR DATABASE WE CANNOT ADVISE YOU. I EDITED MY REVIEW BECAUSE I WANT TO LET THE MEMBERS KNOW ABOUT MY PROBLEM. AND I ASK THE MEMBER WHO MADE A COMPLAINT ABOUT MY COARSE LANGUAGE TO CONTACT ME."